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Exhibition Imagineering - Shopping Environments as Performance Space, video documentary 4 min. 2010

On the ground floor of the Murpark shopping centre, a person sits down on a bench and enters into a state of awareness (vipassana). This process is filmed for 40 minutes with a hidden camera and played back at 12 times the speed. The contrast between the interventionist and other visitors in the semi-public space is emphasised by the fast-motion playback. The intervention and its documentation investigate the perception of surroundings by attaching a moment of displacement to the normal way we perceive reality. The mall can be seen as an area with a specific purpose, one that stimulates needs and desires and which promises to satisfy them; it is a reflection of collective inner reality. This in turn is then constructed by the subjective perceptions of the individual.

Cooperation: Alexius Findenig, Buddhist Centre Graz