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The Installation Basic Hybrid is aimed at linking technological, biological and ethical issues. It connects in a direct and essential way two representative forms of appearance of animated matter, which seem to coexist but actually they entail each other alternately.

The lemon tree’s fruits are used as a energy source to drive a, with nutrient solution perfused, heart of a mammal. The galvanic system with the use of magnesium and copper as electrodes and citric acid as electrolyte produces electricity. A parallel circuit, consisting of three in series connected cells, allows the stimulation of hearts of any size through a low-volt impulse generator. Basically organs are used which are available and agreed on the issues of society (such as medical research, nutrition, etc.) This video shows a mice’ heart during a medical experiment. The test arrangement is flexible concerning the parameters durability, pulsing frequency and nature of the preparation. The resulting hybrid and kinetic sculpture is energy self- sufficient.
The project resulted in cooperation with the department of cardiology, medical university, Graz under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Burkert Pieske.