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Sonagram of the word Allah

Speech synthesis software was applied to speak the word Allah, acoustic methodology is used for the transfer into an orthogonal coordinate system (time, frequency, intensity) to establish a basis for the three-dimensinal realization.

synthetic material, CNC-machined, 140 x 87 x 8 cm

From the tenth century onwards an ornamental art was developed not only because of the prohibition of pictures, this development was also influenced by new findings in the area of natural science. By that time theoretical mathematics was highly developed. But it was applied mathematics that brought abstract and complex forms with it, which were used as elements of decoration or in the field of architecture.
It is the geometric abstraction of forms that expresses best the emphasis of the unit of God, the unit of creation, the oneness in diversity and the diversity in oneness.
Only this abstraction can express the intangibility of divinity, which differs from each concrete material dimension and stands above this. (Dr. Almir Ibric; philosopher and scientist of Islam)